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Friday, November 11, 2011

Kidsafe Inc. and Evenflo Gate

Today, the UPS man bought me a long, thin package. He asked if it was for Christmas (he looked at me a bit funny when I said “Nope”)! 
It was, instead, my Crosstown Soft and Wide baby gate by Evenflo from KidsafeInc.com!
(As soon as I opened it up, Princess says “That’s the same brand as my car seat”! Talk about being brand conscious!)  
I really, really like this gate! (I’ve owned a few! This one is by far my favorite!)

What I liked about the Crosstown Soft and Wide by Evenflo:
  • It is completely covered (no pinched fingers. It is also partially padded). 
  • It extends from 38” to 60” inches wide, which is great as I have a place in my home that is nearly impossible to put a regular gate. (It was always just a hair too big! We use it to separate our kitchen and living room. It is mounted between a wall and our massive entertainment stand). 
  • It’s a pressure mounted, totally collapsible (a bit like a playpen) gate. 
  • It’s white and tan, very neutral colors, great for any décor!
  • It is lightweight. 
  • It required no hardware.
  • It came with a travel bag for storage and, of course, travel. 
  • Expands both horizontally and vertically (up to 27”). (The height is great, as both Tater and Princess are a bit tall for their ages).
What I didn’t like about it:
  • The directions were not all that user friendly. They are very particular about which way the insignia on the gate has to face. I am not sure why, as all of the hardware is covered.
  • It takes quite a while to get it set up. (My husband was much quicker than I was at it)! With practice, I will probably get faster, but, with two kids in tow, that isn’t ideal.

Overall, I really,really like love the gate. (Did I mention that already)? It has made my life so much easier and kept Tater safe There are way more pros than cons! A smart investment at a very affordable price.

                               While I love the gate, I don’t think Dozer shares my enthusiasm!
I enjoyed ordering from KidsafeInc.com. The gate was nicely priced and it shipped out in record time! 
Do you need a gate to corral the grandkids this holiday season? Or just need an affordable, expandable and collapsible baby gate? Fire up the pc and get onto KidSafe Inc.
                                    Modern Mommy