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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Maybelline® BABY LIPS and Great Lash Lots of Lashes

I usually prefer the a more natural look. Cover up, lip stuff Extra Super Lash(whatever happens to be in my purse that day), maybe some eyeliner if I have time…
But, I have found something that shook up my make up routine! (I mean, mine hasn’t really changed since my Lip Smackers™ days).

I got to try two really awesome products… Maybelline’s BABY LIPS™ and Great Lash Lots of Lashes™ (yes, the one in the pink and green container). 

I have always wanted to try Great Lash Lots of Lashes and never really got around to it..I have used all kinds of mascara (I even had some competition in my purse, Rimmel’s Extra Super Lash™). Much infatuated with the Brits I may be, a fan of their mascara, I am not! I even threw it away after trying my Great Lash! Great Lash has been around a while. 40 years and still going strong! Now I know why. Not only is the packaging iconic, but they new heart shaped brush is amazing! It’s soft and flexible (Finally, it won’t hurt when I poke my eyeball)! The mascara doesn’t clump! 

I also received BABY LIPS™. This stuff is spectacular! It’s smooth and silky. It’s supposed to give you lasting hydration for up to 8 hours. I do not think mine lasted that long. However, it worked so well, I think I’ll get rid of the old reliable Chapstick™. (Actually, it was some medical stuff called RadiaBlock™ that I got in the hospital when I had Tater...It was gritty and tasteless. Ew).  
BABY LIPS promises “No more basic lip balm”. And they are absolutely right, with vibrant packaging and a wonderfully hydrating formula! BABY LIPS comes in many flavors, including: Peppermint (you could smell it, but, it wasn’t overpowering), Peach Kiss and Quenched. I also tried the cherry one, it was my favorite! It added a hint of color and loads of hydration! 
I have found a new favorite make-up line! Maybelline® Great Lash Lots of Lashes and BABBY Lips! I really, really love ‘em both! I threw out any mascara and lip stuff I had! You can find both products at local retailers or online.
                      Modern Mommy (Despite compenation for this blog, usually via the product, All opinions expressed are my own.  Just so you know!)


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