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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Glow Crazy

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Glow Crazy reminds me of childhood (back in the 90’s). Every summer I looked forward to writing my name with sparklers, in the sky. It was a very unique experience, to write your name in the air and to see it almost hover for a moment. It was like magic! It was the only time you could do something like that! 

Until now! Glow Crazy takes that magic and makes it a reality! Now, no matter the weather or circumstance your kids can light up the sky (or at least their rooms). No need to wait until Independence Day anymore! 

You can do so much with it. You can make shadows, using your hand on any object that happens to be handy. You can use stencils (they come with it)! You can draw freehand and let your imagination run wild!
The Hubs creation!
Glow Crazy is amazing! And you truly do get the most for your money with this one, dear readers!
For $19.99 (USD), plus shipping, you get: 
  • Dual Glow Wand (Uses both a large and small point).
  • 4 Stencils (includes space images, cars, aquatic life, etc.).
  • 3 colored sheets (They’re reusable).
  • 3 Jumbo sheets (again, they’re reusable).
Princess wrote "princess" and a smiley!

That’s an amazing deal! And trust me, the fun you and your kids will have with this is priceless! It is really an imaginative, unique and affordable product! If you want to order Glow Crazy for the holidays, birthdays or whatever occasion you can think of, please check out: https://www.glowcrazy.com/ 

I have just one complaint….How am I ever going to get Princess to sleep now?
           Happy Holidays, Modern Mommy


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