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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mabu Baby!

Oh my gosh! I love cloth diapering….This is the first time I have ever used a cloth diaper, ever! It’s actually much easier than I thought it would be! Before, I used Huggies™ diapers. (I usually spend around $30.00 every two weeks on diapers and wipes. There are 52 weeks in a year, if you divide that into bi-weekly increments. $30.00 x 26 =  $780.00. If baby spends 2 years in diapers, that’s $780 x 2 =  $1560.00 on diapers and wipes!) WOW!

I have to get a few more diapers and a lot more washable inserts! Right now, I only have three diapers. Two size 2 (Midi’s). I also have one size 3/4 (Maxi). Each size has weight guidelines. 

I wanted to use cloth diapers because of them being more ECONMICAL and more environmentally friendly. Mabu is both!

Lets talk about what they’re made of: The washable insert's outer layer is called EcoWix™, exclusive to Mabu Baby. It’s made from certified 100% recycled plastic bottles and natural bamboo white charcoal. The micro-gaps in the yarn provide much better absorption and wicking than other fabrics. (It’s so very soft, like terry cloth)!

I didn’t think there was a really economical cloth option. I thought that you could only buy them online or that you had to make your own (like my sister).

I also thought that it was too much work to use cloth diapers. Every time I change Tater, instead of running to the trash can, I just take it back to my locking bucket. (The lock is VERY important, so that my babes never get into the bucket, for fear of drowning!). I fill it with a capful of BioKleen Bac Out and fill it partially with water. I put the diaper, insert and all, in. (And poopy diapers? Have no fear, just dump the offending number 2 in the toilet and then place diaper in container).  Then, whenever I’m putting in a load of laundry, I add the diapers and I’m done! It’s really, really easy!
All that changed when I found Mabu Baby. I found them online, however, they are available at select Wal-Marts all across the country. You can buy a starter kit for around $30.00.  
    Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System starter kits come in four sizes that are similar to disposable sizes, with everything you need to get started. There are two complete diapers in each kit:
    • 2 diaper outers (outermost layer of the diaper)
    • 2 snap-in pad holders (holds the soft, fluffy insert in place)
    • 2 washable diaper pads (those soft inserts, I told you about)!
    • 2 disposable diaper pads (looks a bit like a menstrual pad) and 
    • 5 liners (I haven’t used these yet).
Mabu Baby has an amazing, affordable product (they have literally changed my life)! They are unique in their goal. They offer convenience, affordability and the option to choose whether you use a disposable liner or cloth. They are so easy to use (just like diapering with disposable diapers). I can’t say enough wonderful things about Mabu Baby. We are officially cloth diapering exclusively! 

I have one complaint about Mabu Baby diapers….They only come in white. I would love to see some patterned options!  

Are you are interested in a unique, affordable and convenient alternative to disposable diapers? Are you a “green” mama? Are you curious as to what cloth diapering is all about? Please check out: http://mabubaby.com/! You’ll be glad you did, I know I am!!
         Happy Holidays, Modern Mommy


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