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Friday, January 20, 2012

Swype Shield

Having a preschooler and (soon to be) toddler in the house, colds are inevitable, right? 
They sneeze, cough, sniffle…uh, oh! Another cold is coming to your household…So you stock up for the battle that will eventually ensue. Common Cold vs. Your Family! My usual arsenal includes: tissues, hand sanitizer, Lysol™, antibacterial hand soap and cold medicines for the adults and Tylenol™ for the kids….
Because, usually, when one person in my family gets sick…Everyone gets sick. I’m sure millions of families are exactly the same way…

Well, wouldn’t it be nice if you could prevent the onslaught before it started? I have found something that says that it can Defend Your Health, naturally™. Swype Shield is a naturally formulated, nasal cleansing gel designed to keep the skin at the entrance of your nose clean, while adding a layer of defense that expands beyond your hands™. 

Keeping your hands clean is a vital and one of the most important steps to keep from getting sick. However, with Swype Shield, you can go a step further than that.  
Swype Shield was invented by Dr. Kent New, whom was tired of his family, with young children, constantly being sick.

*In the early 1990s, while in medical school, Kent met a pathology professor who was quite obsessed with keeping his hands clean. Back in those days before hand gels, this professor carried a tube of dilute bleach in his pocket to clean his hands every time after he shook hands with someone. Although the average American adult catches 2-3 colds per year, this professor went 10 years without a single cold! When Kent talked to the professor, he learned that his secret to staying healthy was not cleaning his hands frequently, it was that the professor never touched his face. That taught Kent an important lesson – you don’t catch colds from airborne respiratory particles! (I try to tell people this ALL the time)! You catch a cold when virus from your hands gets on your face, especially your nose.

*With that lesson in mind, Kent realized that keeping the nose clean would likely be a much more effective way of avoiding catching colds and flu than trying to keep your hands clean. The question was – how? Fortunately, Kent learned a second very valuable lesson on his way to a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology. Although viral illnesses are very difficult to treat once you have an infection with them, viruses are not very difficult to kill on inanimate surfaces or even your skin.

Now, the real question….Does it REALLY work? 

I have to say that there IS something different about Swype Shield. After I learned where and how to apply, I did so.

I usually have the sniffles, due to allergies too numerous to mention. When I applied the gel…I didn’t feel any strange sensations, but, within seconds…My runny nose was gone. I mean, within seconds! I kid you not! It was amazing. SO far…No colds, however, I have only been using it for
about a week. 

I had two tubes, I gave one to my mother-in-law, to use, as she is very susceptible to colds and other illnesses. She noticed that her “stuffed up nose” was gone within seconds as well. This stuff is a bit like magic!

Swype Shield is not recommended for children under 2. I have not tried it on Princess yet, because Hubs is concerned, even though it is made from, 98 % of natural ingredients. (However, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him…so, if Princess is game, we will have at it). Since she has many friends, I can’t guarantee that they all wash their hands, 100 % of the time. At this age, they all love to hold hands, hug and play all sorts of games that require close contact. 

I am hoping to go the whole winter without another cold (or maybe the next ten years)! I think besides good hygiene, Swype Shield might just be the answer! Would you like to try it with me? Please check out: http://www.swypeshield.com/ 
                        Fingers crossedModern Mommy
*From http://www.swypeshield.com/the-swype-story/


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