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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Resumes for Children

 Resumes for Children: By Donna Kristine Manley
You may ask why I chose “Resumes for Children”. I thought it would be a good exercise in showing Princess what we valued in her (besides showering her with affection daily). It would also serve her in a variety of other ways. You can add more accomplishments as they grow.  This would be great for: For college applications, even preschool applications. 

It is a book full of, mostly, examples of older children’s resumes. From ages 6 to 17. I found this a little bit hard to use for my daughter, Princess is only 4, so her list of “accomplishments” is not very long. 

However I did find a lot of use in the “Pearls of Wisdom” section of the book. Some of the most noteworthy include:
  • Encourage your child to learn an new language. (I see a lot of truth to this. The USA is no longer a national model, rather a global one. The world continues to grow more and more interconnected).
  • Look into activities that pique your child’s interest, i.e: Do they like to read: Join a summer reading program and list it on the resume. Do they babysit? Have them take a CPR class.
  • A good point to keep in mind is what a resume is: It is not merely a list of jobs one has had, rather a list of KSA’s. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities.  

I originally thought this book was a little more along the lines of: “You completed potty training. Yay” or “You can count to 50” and other little children’s milestones and accomplishments and not quite so much as a “real” resume, that you would perhaps use to get your child into an elite preschool or even for college admissions.

However, whatever preconceived notions I had, do not affect the quality of this book. It is well written, informative and full of really useful examples. I would definitely use this book for an older child entering the work force or school admissions of some kind.
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