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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Updates and Surprises!

Kalvin and Hobbs
Hello Dear Readers,

As the new year begins, we are reminiscent of the past and excited for what the future may bring. For us at Modern Mommy Reviews, the past year bought many new, happy changes. And a few sad ones as well. 

First, I started Modern Mommy Reviews, in hopes of helping and reaching other Modern Mommies, helping them decide what products were right for them. As well providing a unique opportunity for my family receiving amazing and innovative products! 

In March, we had the birth of Tater (now he’s 10 months old and walking)! The Hubs also started a new job in the same field. In June, Princess turned 4 years old (hard to believe, soon she will be 5 and starting school). In November, the Hubs was laid off. (We are now looking into business opportunities and perhaps relocation). 

As the new year begins, I look forward to July, in which my twin sister and I turn…(shhhh…gasp) 25! (Okay, perhaps, I am not quite looking forward to that).

After Thanksgiving, we lost a dear family member, *“Kitty”. She was 15 years old, and one of the prettiest and most unique cats I ever knew. (Hubs knew I was “The One” for a long time, however, the deal clincher was when I could pick up his notoriously feisty cat).
December bought about more changes, as we have gained two more family members **(our kittens, Belle and Hart). I also started cloth diapering, which has been an wonderful and challenging process. Speaking of cloth diapers, thanks to those great people at Soft Bums, I am hosting a Giveaway!! Look for that to go live in a few days!

I do not make resolutions, because I never make a promise I cannot keep, even to myself. However, I look forward to moving into the future. I am excited for fun, unique opportunities (both in the blogosphere as well as in my own life).

Also, keep an eye out for fun, more “grown up” reviews in February for the month of “LOVE and ROMANCE”….It’ll be fun, I promise!
valentines dayI wish you well in the New Year, Dear Readers. Set realistic goals for yourself and try to be kind to those around you (and yourselves)!      

       Happy New Year, Modern Mommy Red heart

*Not her real name.
** Kittens real names, as instructed by Princess.


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