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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gourmet Gift Baskets

butterfly basket
We received a lovely Mother’s Day Basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets
It came with an assortment of goodies, including: cookies, Earl Grey and Raspberry teas, a honey and raspberry spoon. All of these treats came in a cute tin butterfly decorated bucket.  

I am going to list the treats and what we thought of them:
  • Raspberry Filled Butter Cookies by Elsa's Story – These were delicious! They were sweet and buttery! Two complaints: They were not as nice and neat as they were on the package (very crumbly). Also, not enough cookies!

  • Green Earl Grey Everyday Tea by Too Good Gourmet - 6 bags – I am not a fan of tea or coffee, but Hubs tried this one. He said “it’s very good. Tasted exactly like Earl Grey should taste”. Apparently, he’s had some that did not taste the way it should…
  • Pink Raspberry Everyday Tea by Too Good Gourmet - 6 bags – Again, Hubs tried this one. He did not like it. Way too much Raspberry flavor.

  • Raspberry and Honey Teaspoon by Melville Candy Co. – Princess ate this like a lollipop before we could explain what it really was. However, she enjoyed it immensely and told us so. She said “it tastes like honey!”. She loves honey, and she said that the raspberry flavor was perfect.

    • Honeybush Tea Shortbread Cookies by Biscottea – Delicious! These were my favorite! I wished there was more. They were so yummy!

    • Blueberry Tea Shortbread Cookies by Biscottea - 1.4 oz. –They described these as bursting with blueberry flavor. I have to say that they were not overbearing with blueberry. They were very sweet and they were Tater’s favorite cookies (he kept signing “more”.) Again, I really wished there had been more of these!

    • Raspberry Decadence Tea Cookies by The Famous Pacific Dessert Co. I did not receive them. I am not sure if they were out of them or if there was an error....I will check with them and get back to you!
    We also came up with a clever use for the bucket after we had eaten all the goodies: storage for Princess’ hair accessories! 

    I loved receiving this basket. It was a lovely, sweet (early) Mother’s Day gift. I loved it and I will definitely be sending some out for occasions in the future! It was overall, scrumptious and yummy! I wish there were some more of just about everything. I was disappointed that I did not receive the Raspberry Decadence cookies, however.

    If you want to send out a wonderful basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets, please check out their website: Gourmet Gift Baskets! They have a wide assortment of gifts, including camp care packages, cheesecake samplers, and of course, gift baskets galore!
                              Happy Mothers Day!
                               Modern Mommy


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