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Sunday, June 17, 2012


I do not usually use a diaper bag. Not sure why, maybe because they are so heavy…Or maybe because I didn’t have any that I truly loved before! I had the typical, cute, but, generic department store diaper bags….. Something cute…But missing that “wow” factor! 

Here are the ones that I received from wonderful, well meaning family…. (By the way, they were both bought at K-Mart. Don’t buy the Black one….Completely fell apart! It’s junk! Please, Don’t buy it!!!)
kmart diaper bags
Cute cheapies from K-Mart 
disney diaper bag

I received  a Kalencom Ozz Iridescent in Patent Cream bag. And, let me tell you… 
kalencom diaper bag
My favorite bag ever!!!
It is big and beautiful! I could not ask for a better bag! it is gorgeous! It is cream colored and sparkly (what more could a girl ask for?)

But, there is more! The bag comes with a changing pad (it’s huge and comes with the cutest bow on it), a Thinsulate™ bottle holder (a must for mamas with bottles. As we no longer use bottles, I used it for sippy cups without handles), a zippered pouch (for whatever you want, but, I used it as a wet bag for my cloth diapers). 
2012-06-14 18.01.40
Aren't we chic?

It also has a metallic, magnetic clasp. It also has detachable stroller straps and adjustable strap (stitched with their logo). 

A little surprise, it also came with a little metal keychain. A fleur de lis (Kalencom’s logo). It’s quite fitting, as they are primarily based from New Orleans. I love that they are based in New Orleans, because they are supplying local people with jobs. 

I have to tell you, I received tons and tons of compliments about this bag! So many mamas (and a few dads) wanting to know where I got such an awesome bag! This is a bag to be noticed with! It draws a lot of attention! 

My bag is also water resistant on the outside and the inside.

But, wait theres more! Did you know that Kalencom are AZO free? They also do not use Phthalates/DEHP, DBP, or BOP in their bags!

I love my Kalencom bag! I can pack a whole lot in it! In fact, when we moved from our old house to our new one, I used my Ozz bag. I packed it with several outfits, ‘sposie diapers, snacks a few toys and even the cat’s leash. 

Kalencom bags are “mid-priced” bags. My bag is priced at $90.00. Now, I don’t know too many people that can just drop nearly one hundred dollars on a diaper bag, but…As I say time and again, you REALLY do get what you pay for. The $20 dollar bag that I received from K-mart fell apart within a month. My Kalencom bag, has surpassed that bags lifetime and is still going strong! 

Do you have a “diaper bag addiction”? Or am I the only one? 
        Modern Mommy


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