Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Fun 2012

This year has been one of many BIG changes in our family!

Tater has turned ONE, Princess turned FIVE, I’ll be TWENTY-FIVE in just 4 days! We moved very far away from the area that my husband lived in his whole entire life! We’ve lost some loved ones, and have gained a few as well. There are still many uncertainties and trials headed our way….Hubs needs a job, Princess starts kindergarten. But, with each new journey, there is good and bad. Life is what you make of it!  
This summer, we have had a ton of fun. We’ve explored our new neighborhood, made some new friends and have had a blast visiting family and going to all sorts of fun places!
Moving in!

2012-06-09 11.31.54
Local "Kids Day"!
Using our Polar Bear Cooler!
Tater a.k.a "Dozer" on a pic-nic!
Tater and I, at a local amusement park!
Princess and I at the amusement park!

As summer starts to wind down, the first of many school years is to come, I am nervous and excited. I am excited for my precious Princess to make new friends and experience a new learning environment. I also look back to the days she was a newborn…..Man, those years flew by!

As Tater (we have started to call him “Dozer”, as in “Bulldozer”.  Should we change his blog name?"). As Tater grows, I try to soak up every last “baby” moment. He is learning more and more every day!

I have been very, very busy making our new house into a home! I am so sorry to have neglected you, Dear Readers. Look for new reviews very soon! Check them out on Modern Mommy Reviews FaceBook Page or here on the blog!

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I am amazed by the past, rewarded with the present and can only imagine what the future may bring! 

Have an AWESOME summer!
Modern Mommy


  1. aren't those park photos from lakemont, mommy? :) just wondering.