Friday, July 13, 2012

Baby Sign Language

Babies are a LOT smarter than people give them credit for. Which is why I do not “baby talk” my darlings. There is no “cuppy”, “Paci”, “Nuk” or “Ba-bas”in this house! Princess said her first word when she was 4 months old (Any guesses on what it was? It was “Hi”)!

But, not all babies talk that fast. Tater is on a much slower “talking” track….
I taught Princess sign language (all that I knew and from library books) when she was very small. She picked it up right away and it made life so much easier! She could tell me when she wanted more milk, needed to go potty or whatever she wanted to tell me. (She talked along with signing).

Tater on the other hand, he signs, but does not talk…much. I grew concerned…After all, Princess took to every task quickly. (I have been reassured that he is just fine by his Pediatrician). He does talk, but, not as much as I would like. He says “Mama, Dada, Nana, Princess’ real name, kitty, vroom-vroom” and a couple other words. 

So, I thought it might be helpful for him to learn to sign. Seeing words and their actions will help him read faster and will maybe coax him to talk more.  (Children are very visual learners. If they see the printed word, the picture and an associated action, they are more apt to remember the word). Trust me! Princess read her first word at 1 and a half... Without the aid of “Your Baby Can Read™” (Please don’t waste your money on that!)
We received our   Baby Sign Language kit and opened it up right away! 
Within a day, Tater could sign “more”, “milk” and “truck”. He can sign even more words now and makes sounds along with the actions.  

Since we have started potty training, his newest and favorite thing to do is to run to the bathroom and sign “potty”.
There are a few things to remember about signing with your baby.
Our kit came with:

Baby Sign Language Guide Book
• 600 Word Dictionary
• 52 Flash Cards
• 24' x 36' Wall Chart
All for the hot price of $39.99!!!! Can’t beat that!  
Do you sign with your child(ren)?
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