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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Phase 4 Films

i heart shakey
We LOVE movies around here. We have a large collection, we lost count around 400 or so. 

I am always trying to find movies that are age appropriate and fun for everyone.

We received 3 dvds in the mail from Phase 4 Films, all released for August 2012. It also came with a Family Movie Night kit! Complete with: popcorn and M&M’s and al packed in this crinkly paper, which the kids littered the playroom with.

My Friend Bernard: This one is based off of a t.v show that is very popular across the pond. It involves a very timid boy whom comes across a magic pendant which sends him a new friend. Bernard the Polar Bear! It was sweet and very funny!

Rock Stars: I thought this would be Princess’ favorite (she loves insects of all kinds…except for spiders and flies). It is the cute and kooky tale of worms whom happen upon a disco record. They soon aspire to be the world’s greatest disco band. It’s cute, rated PG. It’s cute….But, believablity? Isn’t disco dead? No matter, Gloria and Barry are Rock Stars! (Just so you know, it also stars the voice of Jane Lynch, from Glee).

I ♥ Shakey: This was Princess’ absolute favorite! Probably because it features a totally cute dog and his witty and smart owner, Chandler. Completely amazing story! It’s all about keeping family together. 

We loved the movies. They were all (for the most part) light hearted, fun and very family friendly. 

All movies are available from: Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon.com and Redbox locations!

What is your favorite movie?
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  3. We don’t have a favorite family movie yet. My toddler can’t sit for more than an episode of Dora the Explorer. My Friend Bernard sounds pretty interesting.

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