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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bejeweled Bubbles

bejeweled bubbles
Everyone has heard of Diamond Candles, right? You melt the candle, and inside is a ring (of various monetary value)…

That might be a fun gift for a grown up gal…What about the kids?

Well, here is the solution: Bejewled Bubbles! A company that produces soaps with a jewelry or toy surprise inside! 

What types of metal are used in the surprises? The majority of the rings are stamped inside, either 10kgp, 18kgp or 925 (sterling). The ones that are not stamped are likely white gold or gold plated. Be sure to keep your eye out for the stamps during the holiday season.. . there will be real 10k white gold/gold and gemstones!

Back to the kids…

I do not have a bath time battle…Except for when it comes time to get them out of the tub! Now they have another reason to love the tub. Soap with a surprise inside!
Princess received a Girl’s Good Clean Fun Bar in Wild Berry scent. It was pink, and had a Hello

Kitty something inside. She loved it! She wanted to get a bath right away. Well, she had to wait for that! But, she frequently found her way into the bathroom to wash her hands!


You can order Good Clean Fun Bars (for boys or girls), Simply Soap (no jewelry or toys) or Bag of Bubbles (an adorable bag of soaps, either in one scent or a variety of scents)!

The scents are amazing!!! Here is a list of available scents: 

And Fall Scents:
Black Berry Vanilla,
Pumpkin Pie,
Apple Cider
Peach Cobbler
(They sound good enough to eat!)

I loved the surprise and joy Princess  got from Bejewled Bubbles. The soap has lasted, and are reasonably priced.

Good Clean Fun bars are $3.95 each or 3/$10. Simply Soap bars are $4.95 each or 4/$16. A Bag of Bubbles is just $4.95 (for 6 soaps)!

Do you want to give Bejeweled Bubbles a try? Check them out on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/#!/BejeweledBubbles/ or on Esty.com: BejeweledBubbles!
                  Modern Mommy