Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Baby Rocks

It’s so hard to find cute boys clothes, right?

More than that its hard to find anything with style…So much for boys is plain or preppy and not too much in between, right?

I hate putting jeans on Dozer its so hard for him to climb or generally move in them. I really like onesies and rompers for him. As winter draws nearer, I wanted something functional and fashionable for a little boy.  

I love these HeartBreaker Rompers, they are so cute!

They run a little on the small side, so order a size larger! When Dozer sits down, the snaps pop open.(I ordered the largest size they had, 12-18 months). He typically wears an 18 months in Carter’s rompers.
They are so frickin’ adorable. Everyone loves them! 
I like how warm they are, and what a breeze it is to open them to change a diaper. Especially since Princess has taken to changing Dozer’s diaper.

I plan on layering one of these under his Halloween costume. (I hate putting on a coat over a completely adorable costume…What is the point of dressing up, then)?

They have a ton of cute stuff! from baby to kids, from rockabilly to punk, they have it all! 
Makes me wish Princess was a baby again!
These are so cool!

I really like My Baby Rocks. You can’t go wrong!
            Modern Mommy


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