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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tutu Doll



Here at Modern Mommy Reviews, we love Tutu Doll! For Princess’ Christmas pictures last year, we had a beautiful green and red tutu that we used for Holiday pictures. 

Tutu Doll doesn’t just have tutus for girls, they can have tutus that match theirs, for their dolls or stuffed animals.

These would make a great holiday or birthday present.

Princess has a particular lovie that she sleeps with. She’s had “Teddie” since she was only 6 weeks old. While Teddie is worn, she is well loved. She and Princess do everything together. 


Dressing up should be no exception.

She loves the tutu set. I wasn’t quick enough to catch her in the tutu, so we just borrowed Teddie for a photoshoot!

It fits well (no surprise there). It is well made (as I have come to expect from Tutu Doll.

I like the elastic band that is used in the waistband of the tutu, it adds to the longevity of the tutu. Who wants to buy something that wouldn’t fit in a few months? Or that would come apart during playing?


Thus far, it has stood up to tugging, pulling, playing and the general rigors of childhood.

The price stands out in my mind as well. $24.99. You can’t beat it!


tutu set

           Does your child like to dress up?

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