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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pinterest and Parenting tools!

Most of us moms love Pinterest, am I right?

I love Pinterest. From cool projects to do with the kids, to recipes to some amazing photography….I love it all.

Pinterest has given me some great parenting tools. And they really work! Not 100% of the time, but, most of the time!

From Bead Jars to the “Calm Down Jar”….

What are they you ask?

  • For every positive action, a bead is put into the child’s jar.
  • For every negative action, a bead is taken from the child’s jar
  • (Note: we don’t catch every single action, but, we try. Most often, one kid will tell us whether the other receives or loses a bead).
  • I found this idea on Real Mom Reviews, whom uses plastic buckets and  fuzzy balls). 
calm down jar
You will need: A jar of some kind (we used “Ball” mason/canning jars), glitter, water and food coloring/dye.
  • You use the jar during time out. We used to employ time out, we no longer do so. (It just wasn’t a good fit. They just ran out of time out. And as a parent…I’m here to tell you- NOTHING is perfect). 
  • Princess and I made the jar together, after Dozer went to bed. Here is how: 
Water and Purple food coloring.

Adding the glitter.
Pretty :)
Here is where our method differs from the norm. I canned the jar (placed the jar w/lid in hot, not boiling, water. When it sealed, we took it out). Most people have been using hot glue to seal their jars or using peanut butter jars, etc.
Our finished CALM DOWN JAR
We love the cool down jar….Every time someone goes into meltdown mode….it’s time to shake the jar! They love it…For some reason, it causes peals of laughter! 
Our BEAD JAR REWARD SYSTEM, with the CALM DOWN JAR and our RULES. Along with the rules (there are only 4), there is a list of Rewards and Consequences.
                                                       Do you use a reward system?
                                                             Modern Mommy


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