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Monday, November 12, 2012

Stonz Wear Booties & Linerz

stonz wear booties
Dozer has such chubby lil’ feet right now! It is so hard to find a boot to fit him! It was getting exasperating to try to shove his little feet in most shoes, let alone overstuffed snow boots.

On top of that…they were calling for snow on Halloween! (I was quite surprised when it didn’t snow…Because, around here, snow usually flies mid-October). The “white stuff” has yet to make its grand appearance! It was so warm the other day, we went for a walk without coats! 
So I went on a quest to find you and myself the best quality and most unique snow boots I could find for toddlers. (Surely I am not the only mom of a chubby footed lil’ guy, right?) 

Hubs was iffy on the Stonz Booties because they look so different from regular boots.But that is part of their appeal! They have 2 drawstrings, so that you can pull them on and then get the closest fit possible! We had to go with the coolest design possible, Skull with Cross Bones.

They are now our go to shoe…Even if the weather is beautiful! (of course, not if it’s too warm).

They are so easy to adjust…Just pull! Easy off, too! We love them and so does Dozer! He still loves his light up Cars™ sneakers, but he plays with them more than he wears ‘em. His Stonz Booties are definitely the most unique boots I have ever put on my kiddos feet.  

I really like the Linerz (soft Sherpa fleece boot liner). They go inside the Booties for an added layer of warmth! They do take up a good bit of space in the boots, so I would order a size up if you are ONLY going to use the Booties with the Linerz. 

Stonz Booties are unique, versatile and will fit Dozer for a while to come! I absolutely love them! I really, really do! They are of wonderful quality, they are innovative and quite stylish! The  We get stopped all the time by people wondering “Where did you get those boots?” or “We’ve never seen anything like that before”! 
These would make a wonderful gift for the holidays! (Which is why they are included in my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide)!
        Modern Mommy


  1. I must say, it is so nice to see a smile on his face. We don't get that much in the nursery. :) Such a cutie!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Lyn! I know, he doesn't care for being away from Mommy. That's usually why Daddy drops him off. He is adorable!