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Monday, November 12, 2012

Quipsy Life

I like to be in charge. So much so, that when I was a little girl, my Pop-Pop nicknamed me “Sarge”. When most people complain about me, they say I’m too opinionated (hence the blog about my fave products)! I also can’t keep my mouth shut…..But enough about my flaws!

Let’s talk about Quipsy Life. Quipsy is this awesome little clothing company, that is all about having fun in life.  They have t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, hats and even mugs with fun, charming sayings printed on them.

The reason I mentioned my fondness for being in charge is because the shirt I received to review is “The Boss”. 
quipsy life the boss tee
Super soft and comfy!
This long sleeve tee is very soft and comfy…I regretted having to take it off to wash it! I wear it with skinny jeans, leggings or layered. It’s quite versatile!
Here I am in my "the boss" long sleeve shirt. Isn't it cute?

One complaint: the tag….I wish they would have tagless tags! It was itchy…Nothing that can’t be solved with a pair of scissors, dear readers! 

Princess loves the hat they sent us (and trust me, she and I are not hat people)! It is cute and she looks great…I just looked silly…I’m not even posting that picture!
Isn't she adorable? I love her style!

Quipsy Life is perky, fun and full of style! Check them out!
               Modern Mommy