Monday, January 28, 2013

Country Kids Tights

We are regular attendees at our church. Each week, I try to select something cute and comfy for Princess to wear. Her favorite thing to wear is dresses. Simple, poufy, only her favorites will do. 

The downside to having a five year old fashionista is that sometimes her choices are not exactly coordinated with the current season. She loves her dresses!

Fortunately, has come to the rescue. We were sent a beautiful red set of tights by Country Kids

They are soft, stetchy and comfortable. (From what Princess says. I can attest to their softness, but my big ol' butt is not fitting in those lil' tights)! 

The terrific tights, up close!

She wears these lovely tights all the time!  They have gone through snow, rain and mud. With winter weather comes lots of washing! These tights have been washed every week since we got them! They are still as vibrant and soft as the day we received them! (Believe me, if you have a little girl who prefers the girlier side of things, you know that is a rarity)! offers lots more than just little girls tights. From leggings, stockings, tights, socks and everything in between (for ladies and little ones). They even offer Maternity Tights to support the ever infamous "baby bump".

They even have a "Hoisery Advice" column. Do you know the difference between tights and pantyhose? I do! The term 'pantyhose' is used to describe sheer tights. The word originated in the United States, and refers to sheer nylon hosiery (up to 40 denier). The term 'tights' is used in the US to describe thicker opaque hosiery (over 40 denier), or garments made from stretchy material which only goes as far as the ankles.

Pretty, Pretty Princess in her Country Kids tights!
These are the tights I find myself using week after week, this winter. If only I had as many dresses!

                           Modern Mommy


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