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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Learning Journey

My kiddos love, Love, LOVE to play pretend! From "Store" to "Veterinarian" to everything in between.

They're favorite is "Store" and "Restraunt". They love to cook up orders and pretend to rush to the "Store" to get more supplies for their eatery. They shop for cereal, bread, eggs and a lot more...Even a lion!

For more fun and an added sense of more realistic play, they each received a shopping cart for Christmas.

Princess received a lovely pink and purple one from The Learning Journey

It came with an assortment of groceries (28 piees in all)! They range from a half dozen of eggs, boxes of cereal to a loaf of bread. 

We really like the cart. It's cute, it is compact and has a really long handle, which makes it awesome for Princess, because she is on the tall side for her age.

It's durable (it has withstood many fights of "I had it first"!

It was very simple for me to put together. It was easy! Snap on wheels and handle. Done!

It's light and brightly colored.

Princess loves it. It's so much fun for her to play along!

I really like the Learning Journey International's Shopping cart. It's priced quite reasonably, at: $29.99 (USD). It comes with 28 pieces of food! 

It is a wonderful, fun toy, that Princess will enjoy for quite some time.

                               Do your kiddos like to play pretend?
                                             Modern Mommy


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