Friday, February 22, 2013

Kidz Gear Head Phones

For Christmas,
Princess received a Nintendo 3DS. It's pink, lots of fun and.....Loud! This thing is constantly singing, buzzing or dinging!

Princess loves to listen to music on it as she falls to sleep or reads, but, there are times it's just too noisy or inappropriate for her to have it making noise.

By now, you ought to know, I don't go for the cookie cutter, typical character covered item. I want something unique that is going to last more than five seconds after my kiddos get it. 

We recieved the Kidz Gear Head Phones in pink. Princess loved them right away. She has been using them non-stop! For her laptop (she goes to cyberschool), her Nintendo 3DS™, her portable dvd player and just about anything with a headphone jack.

They came with a carry bag ($5.99 USD) and a splitter, (also $5.99 USD).

They are the hottest hot pink I have ever seen! 

Trying out the head phones for the first time! She likes them!

Princess' opinion on her headphones:


  • They're pink! (her favorite color. Ever!)
  • The "Gear" logo.
  • She likes that the volume is adjustable.
  • They "work great".
  • The wire is pink, just like the headphones.
  • Becasue of the splitter, she can share her music with her friends.
  • Nothing! 
Princess and Teddy, fell asleep with her Kidz Gear head phones on!

We love the idea behind Kidz Gear: Good-quality, well made, kid geared headphones! They have definitely made an impact in our house!

                           Modern Mommy


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