Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Are your kids super heroes? Imagination is everything. My kids love to play Superheroes with Daddy. Why Daddy you ask? (Well, besides the fact that I know nothing about superheroes) Daddy can make them fly! 

While researching another potential review, I was offered the amazing opportunity to review some of the "superest" clothing ever!

Leap of Faith Clothing CAPE Tees! We received a Big Sister tee, in pink and a Little Brother tee, in red. The tees have capes (as the name suggests). Princess' tee says "Super Princess". Dozer's says "Super Dozer". 

They are spectacular! They are bright, attractive and comfy.

Super Princess blasting off!

They love to run around to wear them and have their favorite stuffed animals wear their capes. The capes come off via velcro. It is so easy to toss them in the wash, they retain their shape and softness. I really like that the print on the tees has stayed as well. 

These are really unique tee shirts, and as with a lot of the unique items I get to review, they draw a ton of attention! Everyone always asks about them and where we got them!

They wear their tees as often as possible!

Super Dozer in his Super CAPE tee.

I wish the cape on Princess' tee was a little longer, but that is the only complaint I have!

Leap of Faith Clothing has a wide variety of designs, colors and sizes. They have tees for all occasions. I have a friend who is getting married in June, these would be perfect for a bachlorette party!

I really can fly! *with Daddy's help*

                                                   CAPE tees are SUPER FUN! 
                                                      Modern Mommy


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