Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Flu? The Doctor thinks Not!

So, this winter, the kids have been more germy than ever....I have had the flu and colds just about all winter long!

One day in December, I was very sick. Vomiting, not repetitively, but continuously. Over and over, for hours. I thought I had the flu and acted accordingly. Ginger ale, crackers, all in an effort to minimize the illness!  Eventually, Hubs and I made the journey to a "minute clinic" type of place to be told that they did not accept my insurance.  

Upward and onward, I say! We went to the local hospital.  

I spent a few hours under a morphine induced haze, being subjected to numerous tests. As it wore off and the doctor came back, (Dr. Behr) came back and asks:

"How do you feel about surgery?" 

We were shocked! Blindsided! I thought I just had the flu. As it turned out, my gallbladder was full of "sludge". Not stones, but sludge. I was not aware that sludge could be occur in your body, but, apparently, it can and can be lethal. 

The next day my gallbladder was removed laparoscopically. 

It has been a very slow recovery, as I have done things I should not have, such as lifting Dozer. (How could I say no to him)! I tore open an incision and had to have it repaired. All I can say is ouch!

Such a sweet face! How could I say no to him?

  I am doing much better and am back to providing you with must have reviews!  

             Lots of Love, Modern Mommy


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