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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Green Toys

We love Green Toys! They are fun, safe, environmentally friendly toys for kids!

We were sent an AWESOME array of toys to review! 

We were sent the Eco Saucer, Jump Rope, Dish Set and Indoor Gardening Kit. 

Up first for review, the Eco Saucer:  

Dozer loved this toy! He is just learning all about sports and enjoys every sport he tries! Daddy loved this one as well, it is his favorite Green Toy, by far! They were too quick for me to get a picture, but they had an awesome time playing with it. 

Next, we have the Jump Rope.  

Princess, for obvious reasons (every princess loves pink), picked this toy as HERS! (Make no mistake, it's HERS in all capitals). It is a classic for a reason. Bright, basic and makes kids bounce! She couldn't be happier with this little rope! She uses it every time we are outside. 

Next, we have the Indoor Gardening Kit. A sweet little kit containing three pots, soil pods, a tray to hold the planters and three seed packets and even a trowel! This was the first thing the kids opened. It was so easy to do! Place the soil pod in the pots, add water, wait for the the pod to soak up the water and fluff the soil. Add seeds and wait. The waiting is the most difficult part. The kids and I have watered, waited, watered and waited...And waited some more! I'm beginning to think that I don't have a green thumb!

We have yet to see more than a seedling.

Last, but most certainly not least, we have the Dish Set. This is probably my favorite.  It's cute and it's made from recycled milk containers. The kids play "tea party" with this all the time! They also give us all sorts of imaginary food when they play "restaurant". It contains twenty four pieces!

 The dish set is amazing. Like all the other toys from Green Toys, they're durable and a delight to play with! They are perfect for kids of all ages (including Mommy)!

We could not be happier with Green Toys. These are NOT cheaply made toys, with a character sticker slapped on. They are durable. They are a delight to play with! They are also environmentally friendly, because they are made of 100% recycled plastic! I love that most of the toys are gender neutral, my son and daughter play with all of the toys without argument! (As a parent, this is SUPER important)! Most of all, Green Toys are fun! We will be adding some to our Christmas wish list!

Modern Mommy