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Thursday, October 17, 2013


I have talked a lot about healthy meals, and our need in this era, to have something easy and convenient. Something that would be easy and simple on those nights you need supper to be quick, but, without compromising quality or taste! (Maybe, even a product with veggies stealthily snuck in)!

I have found a solution! Kidfresh is an amazing company. They make kid specific frozen meals. Their meals are chock full of all the good stuff! What makes Kidfresh better than the rest?

  • No additives or preservatives. 
  • No dyes (for example, Yellow 5, which has been linked to cancer. In other countries, it's actually BANNED!) 
  • Added veggies (So, for the picky "non-veggie lover" in your family, there us at least one half cup in every meal). 
  • Less than 500mg sodium!   
  • Even they're packaging is good for everyone. Their microwaveable containers contain no phalates or BPA. Their cardboard boxes are completely recycleable and made from recylced materials.
On top of all that, they are YUMMY! (I never,ever, review something that I would not try, in some capacity, myself. Of course, unless I can't fit in or on it. LOL) I tried every meal we got. They were very, very good. They were yummy, filling and you could tell that they weren't processed. 

We tried three meals, as my kiddos aren't into red sauces. (So, the Easy Cheesy Ravioli, Totally Twisted Pasta and Meatballs and Spaghetti and Meatballs were out of the running).  

  • Super Duper Chicken Nuggets: Man, they were so good! They are lightly breaded, and completely white inside! No gray mystery meat here!   Both of the kids loved these and ate all of them, each time we have had them! 

Wagon Wheels: They were so cheesy. They were made with real cheese, shredded. You could see the individual pieces of cheese. Delicious! We all know how much kids love Mac'n'Cheese, and Kidfresh can't be beat.    

Last, we tried the Rainbow Rice. This is very similar to a meal I already make quite regularly. It was wonderful, the white meat chicken was tender. The rice was soft and the kids loved the corn in it. Their favorite veggie is corn!  

Princess enjoying her nuggets, along with some non-Kidfresh food.

We really enjoyed Kidfresh and we will never go back to the processed junk that we had before. I never knew that there was a healthy, convenient, all natural (approved by the FDA and USDA) meal option for kids, before. Now I know better. They don't get "kids meals" all that often, but, when they do, it will be Kidfresh! 

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