Thursday, October 17, 2013

Little Pim

I am always on the lookout for the best, most innovative and educational products for my kids.

I have taught them different snippets of different languages: German, Spanish, Chinese and even ASL. Both could effectively communicate in BSL (Baby Sign Language) before they could talk, helping me and numerous family and friends better understand their needs.

They say that children that are bilingual tend to score higher on standardized tests, have better literacy and math skills than their peers whom are not bilingual. Neither of my kiddos are bilingual, however, both do know words in Spanish and German. Princess will even watch Spanish speaking channels on tv, trying to catch on. Dozer counts along with Dora and Kai-Lan on Nick Jr.

We had the chance to review a coplete set of Little Pim. We loved it! Every day, my kids ask to watch "the panda". They sleep with their Little Pim Panda. 

We do the flash cards daily. The flash cards are one of the most important aspects to the Little Pim set. Without them, and consistency, I do not think children would get the full effect.

Little Pim uses immersion, which is a technique that basically drops you right into a conversation, without having the basics first. It works, but not without the other items. Plus, you need to be vigilant. Watching this set once, is not going to suddenly make your child know German. You need to watch the dvd's, practice the flash cards. You need to be involved. When your baby first learned to speak, every word, every milestone was exciting. You have to be excited about every milestone in their new language learning journey!

Little Pim really does work. Princess has expanded on what she already knew. 'Dozer however, has blown my socks off! He is definitely not the easiest child to teach. He would rather push cars around or run around (he's definitely more physical than Princess). However, he asks for and repeats the flashcards. He loves Little Pim! 

I could not be more pleased with the results from Little Pim. From expanding their curiosity to different cultures, to expanding and engaging them, Little Pim really does it all!

I do think immersion works, but, I think that there has to be more. Especially First Sight Words, the alphabet and numbers. All the things we teach when teaching English.
Buy the whole set ($124.99 USD. Includes: 6 dvds, 45 flashcards, Little Pim stuffie, Little Pim poster).

I do think the set, would make a great holiday gift. Which is why it's the first on my Holiday Gift Guide this year!

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