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Monday, February 3, 2014

HomeRight Steam Machine

I'm known, quite proudly, to most of my friends as "Mrs. Clean".

I like to clean. I like the feeling of accomplishment, the pride in hard work and a job well done. Cleanliness is next to Godliness is one of my favorite adages.

About 2 months ago, we recently bought and moved into our new house.

As much as I loved the previous owners (we knew each other for six years).

Man, they did not clean well. There was dust inches thick on my carpets. Inches, people!

The windows were covered in dark dust. The most disgusting part of my house, though? The oven.

I have horrible, horrible allergies. We have had to give up pets due to my allergies. When I first moved it, I would sneeze (consecutively) at least twenty times. My eyes would swell up. (while I am allergic to animals, the previous owners did not have a pet).

All that has started to change. Since I received my HomeRight Steam Machine!

The Steam Machine has a wide variety of uses, from steam removing wallpaper, steam mopping the floor and even cleaning the grill!

Living in a mobile home, we have a lot of linoleum. Lots of it! And while I'd love to steam it until it came off, I won't. I did use it to clean the floor, and they now shine!

Lets get to the windows. They were gross!

Before. (Mind you, i had only we've only been here for two months)

Now, thanks to the SteamMachine, they now appear drastically changed! For the windows, I used the jet nozzle. It was powerful, using the nozzle, it's shoots out at 45 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).

Annnd.....Amazing after!

Now, onto the most disgusting and disturbing part of my household chores.....The oven!

(I know that most of us don't really clean the oven, but, still)!

The Before....Yuck!

The Amazing After! (One side not cleaned, just to show you the difference).

I love all of the attachments! Almost all of them fit in the front of the machine. For the oven, I used the grill attachment. It worked beautifully!

The Before
The temperature gets to a steamy 205°F! That is quite hot! But, it definitely sanitizes without residue or chemicals. It also obliterates dirt!  Despite the hot steam temp, the outside of the machine is not at all hot to the touch (other than the cap).

After an eight minute wait, you are ready to clean! And clean, I did!

The midway point.
 After a bit, the results are astounding!

Nothing beats the amazing after picture! That's quite a shine!
I tried, to no avail to steam my carpets. While there is no mistaking that they are cleaner, sanitized, they are still stained. Unmistakably stained. I'm not even going to post pics.

The versatility of this machine is great! I can clean the bathroom, steam the floors and move onto steaming wall paper (if I had any). Be careful using it on certain surfaces! It can and will do damage. I accidentally used it on paneling. It melted it. Literally. Please be careful!

I love the eight foot hose. It really makes reaching high and low easy!

There isn't too much this mighty mini machine can't do!

It sanitizes (kills 99% of germs) without harsh chemicals. It removes wallpaper! (If only it did dishes)!

If you are looking for a safer, healthier and easier way to clean, look no further than the HomeRight Steam Machine!

It is reasonably and affordably priced at $99.99. My vacuum was much more expensive.

It will become one of your favorite household appliances! (Move over dishwasher....Okay, maybe not the dishwasher. Move it, microwave)!

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