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Monday, February 3, 2014

Northside USA Prowler Boots

My husband goes through work boots, socks and shoes like they are water. He works outside and works in all kinds of conditions, from extreme heat in the 90°'s to snow! He frequents ponds and fields. His favorite footwear for most activities is his work boots.

He is very picky! He has worn the same brand for years. Out of loyalty, I suppose, not for quality! After about a month of wear, they always show wear, falling apart.  Holes in the toes and soles separating from the uppers.

I discovered NorthsideUSA when I bought a pair of sandals for Dozer on amazon.com.

We could not wait for Hubs boots to come. When they came, he put them on right away. He has been wearing them non-stop since we received them! When they say that their brand represents quality, affordability, ruggedness and reliability, they truly mean it!

Since all of the snow has come to the North Eastern part of the country, he's really had a chance to test out his boots.

He really like not having to "break" them in. He said that they were comfortable immediately.

They are camo patterned. They are made of distressed leather, compressed EVA, rubber, PVC and 800 grams of Thermolite (that means that it is graded for up to  -65°F)! That's quite impressive. Not that we would ever experience weather quite that severe, but, it's good to know that they can stand up to that sort of extremity.  They are also waterproof and breathable.

Tonight, after a snowstorm that accumulated to about 5-6 inches of thick, wet snow, Hubs went to work and hand shoveled parking lots. He shoveled outside for five hours. It was around 30°F.

When he came back, he was wet and cold. He said that the only part of his body that did not ache from the cold and wet was his feet. He said "the boots are worth EVERY penny". (I did not actually pay for these, as I reviewed them. However, Hub's says that when he eventually needs a new pair, we will be spending the cash for these bad boys!)

They retail for $90.00 (USD).

I have tried on the boots for myself. They are cozy and much lighter than I expected. (I usually grab my husband's boots to take the trash out, as they are they only shoes in my house that stay by the door). Mind you, none of his shoes fit me well, I wear a 6 in women's, he wears a 12 in men's.  Most of his boots are bulky, heavy and clumsy. I liked wearing these boots. They were lightweight and  very easy to walk in. I was amazed!

Even Dozer likes Daddy's boots from NorthsideUSA!

They offer a wide variety of boots, slippers, sandals and moccasins.

You can check them out on media sites:

Facebook and Twitter!

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