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Monday, July 28, 2014

Gelli Baff

FTC disclosure: I received product(s) in exchange for post about the product. All opinions are my own.  

My kids love all things gooey, sticky and messy.  

They were all sorts of excited when I told them that we would be reviewing a Gelli Baff  pool pack from PlaSmart Toys.  

Gelli Baff is a pretty cool product. It turns the bath or pool water (non-chlorinated) into goo and dissolves when the fun is over!  

All excited about the Gelli Baff's arrival!

Gelli Baff is:  

  • Non-irritant 
  • Manufactured in the UK. 
  • Stain Resistant (does not stain bathing suits, or carpets, to my knowledge). 
  • 100% Biodegradeable. Just add salt! 

My kids (as well as neighborhood kids) had an absolute blast playing in the Gelli Baff! (At least, the kids that were allowed. Some parents checked it out and were just too repulsed by it to let their kids play).  

Playing in the Gelli Baff before it thickened up!

It's super easy to make! Just Sprinkle, Stir and Play.  

When you're all done playing, sprinkle in the packets of disolving solution (if that isn't enough to completely dissolve, just add table salt. It really does dissolve)!

Here is an awesome video showing you how easy it is to use and dissolve!

Gelli Baff is so much fun! You should really get some before summer is over! The pool pack retails for $29.99!  

 There are lots of cool products featured on the PlaSmart YouTube Channel as well. 

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