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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nail Polish

 Have you ever just painted your nails and then...you have to do dishes? Dishes nor time will no longer be your nails enemy! 
 I have found the solution! Sally Hansen's Color Quick! This is a unique product, Mommies. It is roughly the size of a small pen or even your mascara. 
 Small, but mighty! It is so easy to use! Shake. Click. Uncap. Paint. It's that simple. It dries within seconds ! No longer will I fret about my nails not being done for any occasion! Before, I used to have chipped nails on account of doing dishes all of the time. ( I just did the dishes and they didn't chip).
   I used the Turquoise Chrome. It is really pretty, hues of blue and green. Usually I am a fan of black or pink....I want to try all the colors. This stuff is really amazing!
   I tried to take a picture of my nails, but the flash was just too reflective. So, Dear Readers....Here is a picture of the product itself. 
     Here is the link for the website, you can also find local retailers on the site.


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