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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thred Up

   Looking for a relatively cheap way to clothe your kids? (who am I kidding, in this economy, everyone is!) My children grow like weeds! So, I was looking for an inexpensive way to buy clothes, besides Target, Walmart and kids sales. One day, I came across ThredUp.com. What a great idea! The idea is that for a small fee ($5.00) plus shipping (always $10.95) you can get a box of gently used kids clothes. 
   Here is how it works:
  1.  Look for your kids- by size, gender or brand. 
  2.  Buy.
  3.  Receive! 
  4.  List. Next, pick and list some of your kids used clothes, toys and other items on the site.
  5. Send. Send your box out, (Free of charge! When you join, they send you a set of Priority Flat Rate boxes). You can even schedule a pick up with your post office (Less money wasted on gas)!   
        I received 3 boxes, 2 for DS and 1 for DD. Most of these clothes are brand name! Old Navy, Children's Place, etc. They are in great shape! In the one box I got, one item was stained, so the woman sent another extra item! 
      Here are pictures of a skirt and a dress I received.
The dress is size 5, from Children's Place. So cute, Right? The skirt is a 5T from Old Navy! You would be surprised at the amount of clothes that come in one of these boxes (All boxes had between 12-17 pieces of clothing). 
   If you have a spare $15.00, this is a Great Deal! Think about it, a pair of jeans from Old Navy is around $16.00...for one pair! But, on ThredUp, your money goes a LOT farther! Check them out! As always, link on the bottom!


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