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Monday, November 28, 2011


How could you possibly resist buying something that is as fun to say as “Funkoos”?
Funkoos sent me one of their “Baby Sets” for Tater. Funkoos is a company created to offer premium organic baby clothing at an affordable price.

 I admit, I am not the “greenest” person in the world. I’m trying to “go green” a little more everyday, whether it be buying organic clothing, recycling, using safer cleaning products or even cloth diapering. 

So, I wanted to know, what makes organic clothing better? 

According to Funkoos, how is organic cotton different from regular cotton? Here's a comparison from Wikipedia.org: "Regular cotton production uses more chemicals per unit area than any other crop and accounts in total for 16% of the world's pesticides" and on the other hand, organic cotton "eliminates the use of toxic chemicals used in cotton."

What does that mean for your baby? This means your child is never exposed to any kind of lethal pesticide used in the growing of cotton. I didn’t know that! It’s a shame Funkoos only makes up to size 24 months.  

Funkoos are a safer alternative. They are cute, safe and soft clothes for your baby!
Tater loved his Funkoos…He was so comfortable! I actually had to wash it before I even did my review! There was no squirming from an itchy tag (the onesie was tag-less)!  He slept, ate and did just about everything happily in his Funkoos outfit.
I loved that they are safe and totally adorable. His outfit was a pair of jeans and a onesie with little trucks on it. The trucks even had eyes! They are absolutely darling! Tater may have not noticed…But I sure did! 
Laying happily on the floor, wriggling away from Mom!

Funkoos would make a great gift this holiday season!  If you would like to order some fantastically cute and safe organic clothing for the baby in your life, please check out Funkoos website: http://www.funkoos.com/

Happy Holidays, Modern Mommy


  1. I loved Funkoos...However...I have to say, that about a week after writing this review, the shirt ripped where the embroidery was...So I had to THROW IT OUT. Do not waste your money on the onesies with stuff on 'em..I still have the jeans and I use them all the time!