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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tutu Doll

We went to have the kids Christmas pictures done today, at Sears Portrait Studio. They turned out great! (Princess is quite photogenic and always pleased at the opportunity to ham it up in front of a camera)! 

If you haven’t noticed, one of the cutest and growing trends in little girl’s fashion these days is tutus! Tutus for birthdays, photos, or just for dress up! Modern Mommy loves this cute, trendy and all together modern trend, so I set out in search of the most perfect and adorable holiday tutu. It had to meet certain requirements: Match what Tater’s attire, be full and fluffy. It must also be able to withstand anything we could throw at it, including; getting in and out of our two door car, survive playing, fidgeting and temper tantrums….

And I found it! On TutuDoll.com! They are simply beautiful! TutuDoll has a wide arrange of tutus for all occasions. Holidays, birthdays, photo sessions and so much more. They have a make your own tutu feature which includes your choice of: waistband ribbon, accessory and color! And all for a really affordable price. They even make matching tutus for girls and their dolls. (Could they make one for Princess’ lovie, Teddy?)
I did not choose one of the many different pettiskirts or “Make Your Own Tutu”, I had a specific purpose for Princess’ tutu. We picked the Holiday Sparkle Tutu. It has yards of soft light green tulle, accentuated with cute little red rhinestones and a bright red waistband and bow.
It was beautiful right out of the box. Princess just had to try it on (she just loves anything sparkly)! It fit her so well, the waistband stretched enough to fit, but, not enough to sag. It was very sturdy (it even withstood a temper tantrum)! I liked how instructions on how to care for your tutu were included. 

*Hint for de-wrinkling: place in the bathroom, and turn on the shower. (P.S-Misguided daddies, please Do Not put the tutu in the shower)!

Tutu Doll is a great place to find a tutu for any occasion, whether it be for an event, photos, pictures, dance or just because your little girl loves ‘em! Tutu Doll has great prices and an even better selection!  And just in time for Christmas and Hanukkah, they offer Gift Certificates! 
If you want the latest and greatest, cutest fashion trend for your little Princess, Please check out: TutuDoll.com
                      Happy Holidays, Modern Mommy


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