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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lodge Cookware

Do you have a favorite pot or pan you cook with? 
I didn’t have a preference…Until today!

My husband loves cast iron, however, we didn’t have any. I like cast iron, there is a flavor when you cook with it, that is like nothing else. My dad uses cast iron all the time, particularly to cook eggs.
We didn't have any, much to my husbands dismay. We have a hodgepodge of pots and pans, including a red set that we received as a wedding present. However, nothing stood out until today…

When we received our Lodge Enamel L Series Cast Iron Apple pot.
I love apples! They are the décor in my kitchen.
The Apple pot is beautiful! Mine is green and gorgeous! It is made with great attention to quality, from the smooth enamel coated cast iron to the tip of it’s stainless steel leaf handle. 

It’s not just a pretty pot to look at. It was made with a purpose in mind. To be used!! From the time you receive it until the kids leave home! There are a few simple things to remember about your cookware:
  • No Microwave (it is cast iron, after all).
  • Heat slowly
  • Metal utensils will scratch the surface, other materials are suggested for use: Plastic, wood, silicone…
  • The porcelain coating is  chip resistant, not chip proof!
  • You can use it for: baking, broiling, induction, marinating, refrigeration, even as a cookie jar! (Except: No Microwave)! 
  • There is no need to “season” the cookware, as there is no exposed iron. (This would save Dad a lot of hassle. However, I think he may actually secretly enjoy doing it! Not me)!
                  After cooking:  
  • Wash in warm, soapy water. 
  • They compare washing it in the dishwasher to driving your car through the car wash. You can do it, but, they do not recommend it. 
  • A really useful tip Lodge offers is: When you’ve really burnt something in the cookware? Boil 2 cups of water and 1/4 cup of baking soda in it! 
I love that Lodge offered tips and instructions on how to properly cook, clean and care for the cookware. (Because I was actually a little afraid to damage it by using it! It performed brilliantly, except it was so heavy that it was bending the rack in my oven. To be fair, my oven is kind of old).

I have used my pot twice in the two days that I have had it. I have made a casserole and hot dogs and baked beans. Both were sticky dishes and the pot  was very easy to clean, and everything tasted just like it should: Delish!
Hot dogs and Beans. Delicious!
"Whatever-I-Feel-Like-Casserole" Ok, 'cause your dyin' to know, it's: Rice, seasoned pork chop, mixed veggies, cheese and cream of celery soup. It was great!

The Lodge Enamel on Cast Iron is avaiable in three colors (with exception of the apple pot, which is not available in blue). The colors are: Liberty Blue, Patriot Red and Apple Green. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Now, about the price: For one 3 qt. pot….I found the price to be astranomical. Until I used it! The pot is heavy (it is cast iron), and it is clearly made with quality. I’m not sure I could convince Hubs that spending $99.00 on one pot is a good idea….However, I am very tempted to buy more! (They do have a great selection of other items with a variety of prices). 

This is definitely my new favorite pot. It’s durable, beautiful, matches my décor (that’s a plus)! I am definitely not hiding this one in the cabinet! (When I’m not cooking with it, it may be a cookie jar). I’m bringing this bad boy out every time I have company! It sure is a conversation starter.
There are going to be a ton of casseroles being made at my house, destined to the best pot in my collection! And knowing Lodge quality, it will take the work “happle-y” for many years to come! Check out the apple pot and all other Lodge cookware on their site: www.lodgemfg.com/
         Modern Mommy


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