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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Walls Tale Decor

Today we received a package all the way from………Turkey!

And what was in this little package from across the pond, you may ask?

It was wall decals for Princess’ room, by Walls Tale Decor Her room is a hodgepodge of flowers, butterflies and Disney™ Princess décor. What I ultimately want to do is flowers and butterflies. Something that will be acceptable to her tastes, despite whatever fad or phase she may be in to (at least until her teenage years, as my sister so kindly pointed out. By that point she may want to paint her room black!) 
The collection! Aren't they pretty?
I love the idea of vinyl decals. They can be applied to a variety of materials and be easily removed (removed, not necessarily reusable. 

This has a few positives for me: 
  • Most of our walls are paneling. (So it is so hard to decorate them)!
  • Also, if we move, they can be removed without marring the walls. 
Lil' butterfly: you remove the transfer tape, after it is on the wall.
Walls Tale Décor All items are handmade (hand assembled). They use only QUALITY, LONGLASTING and ECO FRIENDLY German vinyl (no harmful materials) covered with German transfer tape (it looks a bit like medical tape, in my opinion). The vinyl decals are fade resistant, waterproof and look like paint.
Look, Mommy! I can do it, too!

I really like the decals. I plan on buying lots more for various places in my house…The possibilities are endless: the bathroom, living room, kitchen (I have some there already: apples and grapes), bedrooms…..Everywhere! 

Princess helped put them up, that is how easy it was to do! She loved the colors we chose: Light pink, Hot pink and Lilac. (I love to match, as she does, so we loved how well they matched everything in her room.
The results are in: Fabulous Flowers!

If you looking for a chic decorating solution, look no further than Walls Tale Decor!
            Modern Mommy


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