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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wonder Gel

I do a lot of sitting on my rear, once the kids are in bed! During the day I am busy running after kiddos, doing laundry, cleaning and playing….When it’s time for the kids to go to bed, I usually sit on my computer searching for awesome products, Facebooking and listening to music. 
I have some back problems. I have terrible spasms that will leave me on the floor crying. I think they have something to do with when I had my children via C-Section.

Let me explain: Both times I had a cesarean. Both times, the needles to numb me were inserted into my back, in  the wrong place more than once! When I had ‘Dozer (a.k.a Tater), when they inserted the needle, my leg shot out and kicked the anesthesiologist’s intern holding me (she was holding me to keep me from moving while they inserted the needle). She asked “Is that supposed to happen?” The anesthesiologist took over at that point. About six months after I had Dozer, we went to the hospital during one of those pain episodes. It was so bad, I was vomiting….

Anyway, I have back issues. I was so excited for my Wonder Gel to come in the mail.

When it finally arrived, we took to testing it immediately! It also came with a handy black cover. The cover is, black, zippered, washable stretch cover with a non-skid base and a has a handle.

It is AMAZING! The technology in the cushion is simple, it’s all about weight distribution. A simple concept with amazing results.

*WonderGel® is made from hollow columns of a very special gel called Gelastic®, a patented ultra-soft, ultra-strong, solid rubber-like material. These columns come together to form one of nature's strongest, most effective patterns, similar to a honeycomb. Each column wall is shared by adjoining columns, which work together to give you the right support and pressure relief. 

It really does work. I do not have any cons for this product, folks! There was a lot of thought and science put into this product!  While using the Wonder Gel Cushion, I don’t have any pain. I do, however, find my self sitting up straight… Everyone fights about who gets to use the cushion! My M-I-L, Hubs, Princess and I will hurry to grab it before someone else.
                               Princess, the Wonder Gel Cushion theif! (Only in my house, of course)

It has reduced the strain on my back while working long hours on the computer.
My back will never be the same after carrying 2 children and two Caesareans, and Wonder Gel is not a cure all. But it is a product that you will use over and over again. 

I use it EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT! (I kid you not).   

Wonder Gel has several different cushions, for every preference and price range. They even have a pillow! The price range is between $34.99 – $99.99 (USD).  

You won’t regret purchasing Wonder Gel, this would make a great “Back-to-School” buy, especially for college bound kids!

It’s cushy on my tushy and even better for my back!
                Modern Mommy


  1. i may buy one...soon!....but wonder how or if it works better than the traditional liquid-get cushions.....any thoughts or experiences?