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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kids Kit Baby Bug Potty

kids kit potty
Dozer (formerly “Tater”) has had a casual interest in potty training. He lets us know when he has to go….Sometimes.

Since moving, we now have two bathrooms and need two potties. We have a adult/kid toilet seat combo from Church Seats as well as a Fisher Price Royal Stepstool Potty in the downstairs bathroom. We were desperately lacking in the potty department upstairs. Poor Dozer is scared of the adult toilet. 

I wanted a potty that was made for little boys and girls (I babysit a little girl whom will be starting potty training soon)!

It needed to fit well with the elongated bathroom and it needed to be comfy for the kiddos. I also wanted a potty that was completely different from the other potty that I had used with Princess (she had the pink Fisher Price Stepstool Potty). The Fisher Price potty is cute, and it sings! But after so long, the components corrode from everyday use. The potty would go off in the middle of the night because of the corroded parts!

It’s easier to sit Dozer on his Kids Kit Baby Bug Potty. It’s more ergonomically designed. He sits just right, so nothing splashes out! I like the finish on the potty, it’s a silky silicone type material.

He likes the potty and loves to sign and say “potty” when he wants to go! 
kids kit potty 2
The neatest feature (and probably slightly aggravating at Dozer’s age) is the toilet paper roll holder. It’s the first potty I have ever seen that came with one! Unfortunately, Dozer isn’t even a year and a half yet…All he likes to do is make a mess with toilet paper!!! But, it’s a very unique feature and a useful one for the near future!
kidskit potty3

Potty training is a journey that requires a bit of patience, humor, persistence and luck! 
               Are you potty training right now?
                        Modern Mommy


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