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Friday, August 17, 2012

Dezign With a Z Decals

We have paneling in the family room….And I HATE it! It makes the room so dark! And lets not forget the 70’s vibe…Gross!

We are slowly in the process of renovating the entire house. Walls, floors and everything in between is getting a total makeover. 

For now, I am sticking to covering everything with decals! I wanted to spice up the playroom. I wanted to give it more of a learning environment motif, especially with Princess starting kindergarten this year!

I love my Dali Decals, however, I wanted something a little different.
Dali Decals is like your older, subdued, preppy sister. Dezign with a Z is the younger, wild, artistic sister. Both are great and each has their own awesome talents!

For my review, I picked the “Crazy Alphabet” wall decals in Red. 

They are cute and went on easy (maybe from some practice?)

My only complaint is that I thought they would be much larger. However, I think that was my own error in measurement.
Applying the decals to the wall :)

They are vibrant!
Crazy letters!

They are also proudly made here in the U.S.A!

The decals are extremely affordable, which was wonderful! Some of the other companies I have seen charge quite a lot!

I really like the extra decals they included with our order (which were a complete surprise)! They were white butterflies and we applied them to a pink vinyl chair, that we had picked up at Ross’ for Princess’ room. 
DSC03260                                        DSC03265

Do you like decals readers? I know they are a new decorating obsession for me! 

Check out Dezign with a Z decals at: http://www.dezignwithaz.com/. Right now, you can save 15% during their Back to School Sale, by using this code: schools
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