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Thursday, June 26, 2014

House Rules

FTC disclosure: I received products in exchange for post about the product. All opinions are my own.  

These tree wall enhancements are adorable!  

They're cute and perfect for a wide variety of places in any home! 

I have a friend whom is having a baby girl soon and her favorite is the Colorful 
Tree Cartoon Animals, which you can buy: here.  

I really love the idea of using wall art to do something unique and creative like using the decorations to make a family tree! 

How cute would that be? 

There are so many more cute designs, check them all out here!  

I received the "House Rules" wall art design. I really like it. It 's definitely a conversation starter. I get a lot of compliments on it!   

House Rules as it is intended to look on the website.

It is large and it took myself and my husband to put it up!  

It was crinkled and crumpled so badly, that at first, my husband and I did not actually know what  was in it! (Unfortunately I was not able to get a picture of the packaging. We were so intrigued by what it could have been)! 

Here we were, trying to apply the clear backing, so that we could then remove it, so that it could be applied to the wall. Can you see the crinkles on the paper and  well as all the letters and words left behind?

It did NOT come with instructions. Every order is supposed to come with them (according to their own FAQ page on their website, which can be found here: here)

 It gets worse! I have never had a decal that came with the letters separate from the vinyl backing (the clear sticky part). Most of the time (in my experience), they are attached and you rub the whole thing on the wall, and then slowly peel back to reveal your new decoration. Not only was this NOT the case, but, the backing was too short for the lettering. I had to peel and apply the rest by hand!  

Here is a letter splitting in half, despite our best efforts to go very, very slowly.

There are words missing and letters split in half because of the decal and the backing being separate and so damaged.  

More wrinkles, crinkles and rips.

These decals are very pretty on the website. They are very nice when applied to your walls, however, it was so much work (when I say work, what should have taken twenty minutes took about two hours, instead). Work that was necessary if the decoration was packaged in some type of tube, rolled and in one piece. One correctly sized piece!

It was so much work, so very damaged and not the quality that I expected it to be. I will never order another product from them again!  

Here is the finished product. The letters on the bottom are so uneven, because I had to put them on individually. Where it says "Give Kisses", right above, it should say "Hugs".  
As I said, it does garner compliments and is definitely a conversation starter. But, perhaps not with the conversation it should have.

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