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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sweet Treats FOR BABY

  sweet treats for baby2
(The title is misleading on this one)! I am not feeding Tater lollipops or cake! 
Actually, I received some great little “diaper cupcakes” to review from “Sweet Treats FOR BABY”. 
This is a new, Modern twist on that ever-popular, old classic, baby shower décor/gift, the diaper cake.  

The set of four, extremely adorable, cupcakes are comprised of: a size 1 diapers, washcloths with a coordinating ribbon around each one. The are unique, cute and most important..Practical! You can never have too many washcloths or diapers! The whole package was very coordinated, from the washcloths to the ribbons to the cards!  

They come in a cute little bakery box, with a window so that you can see the “cupcakes”. Just scrumptious! The price is delish, too! Only $15.50 (USD) plus $5.50 shipping in the US.
sweet treats for baby           007
These would be a great gift for a baby shower (which is the next stop for these cute little things! I just can’t wait to tell everyone where I got them!). They’d even be a great little gift to give when you go to visit baby in the hospital! (Much cuter and way more practical than flowers).

Sweet Treats FOR BABY has so much more than just diaper cupcakes! They have baby shower invitations, banners, nursing covers, baby shower kits and so, so much more! Everything is so charming, cute and sophisticated, you may just want to buy it all!

If you want an extremely beautiful, delightful and affordable gift for your next baby shower or want to check out any of the other awesome items at Sweet Treats FOR BABY… Check them out at:
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