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Friday, January 13, 2012

OcTo DoGs!

I guess Friday the 13th had us feeling funky today, because I wanted to do something kooky with supper tonight. So, I went to work (sort of, because it was actually super easy).
             Recipe for Octo-Dogs 
  • Hot Dogs (one for every person)
  • Noodles (any small version will do: shells, elbows, rotini, etc.)
  • Alfredo sauce
  • Veggies (I usually use peas or broccoli)
  • Goldfish™ crackers
  • Mustard
Boil hotdogs and noodles. Add the sauce and veggies to the noodles (you can heat the sauce first, if you want, I don’t). Next is the “tricky” part. Take the hotdog, about an inch from the top and slice it vertically. Keep rolling and slicing until you have 8 legs. (Phew! That took some counting)! Then you need to situate the dog onto the pile of alfredo in the bowl. Make it “stand”, and use the mustard to make eyes. Voila! You now have Octodogs! *Add the goldfish if you wish!
Princess loved this so much, she asked for seconds. (This is a rarity at my house)! Tater loved it too, sans hot dog. He even got it in his ear! I love my this version of alfredo, and I thought you would too! 
   Enjoy, Modern Mommy


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