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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dali Decals

dali decals2
I really like to decorate. I once wanted to be an interior decorator….I had visions of being on that show Design Star! But, sadly, my talent doesn’t match my lofty aspirations. While, I’ll never be on HGTV, I have found an easy way to decorate my house. 
Dali Decals!

Dali Decals are like vinyl stickers for your walls. They are safe for most surfaces, from drywall, glass, tile and acrylic. 

There are a lot decals to choose from! And so many more ways to use them!

There are Modern Mosaic Tile Wall Decals (sure would make doing my bathroom a whole lot easier! And no messy grout).

Since we made the big move (extremely far away from where we used to live)…

Princess has a great big bedroom to play in, and it was the room I chose to decorate with Dali Decals. Her room is all flowers and butterflies. Typical girly, but, something that wasn’t just a passing fad (because, I am NOT changing her room every time she switches between My Little Pony™ or Hello Kitty™)!

Dali Decals are really, super easy to use!

-Peel: You peel the backing off (Note: Sticky side should be exposed). 

-Place: Find your perfect spot and place the decal. Once you are happy with the placement…

-Make sure to get the air bubbles out with your Dali Decals squeegee!

-Peel (again) Slowly peel back the transfer paper. Make sure the decals are sticking to the wall and not the paper. (I had trouble with this one! Only because, Princess’ walls are plaster that someone painstakingly decorated when they applied it).  IMG_0569
Enjoy! Dali Decals have this cute little warning on their boxes: “May cause neighbor envy, uncontrollable wall touching…” They were hilarious! And so true! Everyone that sees them absolutely love them! 
And to quote Princess “They’re beautiful”!
We couldn’t be happier with them. They make her room the perfect place for her, without the gaudiness of typical characters or the chore of painting. 
Aren’t they amazing?
     Modern Mommy