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Friday, November 16, 2012

At Home Businesses

I don’t know about, you, but with the economy…A lot of people , myself included are looking into different ways to make money.

A really great option for stay at home moms or dads are direct sales/party/ businesses, such as Avon, Scentsy, Mary Kay or Thirty One

A lot and I mean a lot of them are scams. (Of course, the above mentioned are not. They are legitimate businesses backed by the Better Business Bureau and have many accolades and awards).

The other day, I sat through an hour and a half business seminar. And I liked it. I was excited. I wanted to be a rep or “enroller” for this company….It all started with this message from a fellow blogger on Facebook:

If $1000 could help you this holiday season I can still show you how to earn that this month by joining my marketing team. We are not an mlm or direct sales, no selling, no investment, no inventory, no home parties and NO Risk. Best of all work from home with our great team of moms who have flexible hours and building a strong, reliable income. Interested? Email me at: ****@***.com . This is not a scam, please serious inquiries only.”

I sat through all of this. I want to sell this stuff. I really, really do!  And it’s a cool company, from what they sell to the incentives….There is just one problem with the message above…I’ll get back to that.

Melaleuca is an FDA, BBB backed business. They are wellness/pharmaceutical company.

The awesome, all natural products that Melaleuca offers are things we use every day: laundry detergent, cleaning products, shampoo, body washes, energy protein bars, vitamins, beauty products and so much more.

Unlike Mary Kay, Scentsy, and Thirty One, there are no parties and no buying of inventory.

The idea is that they do not spend millions on advertising (magazine or t.v ads). Rather, they spend on their reps “word of mouth” advertising, whom recruit new customers. Customers are assigned their “enroller’s” id number. They use that ID number to enroll and you get paid every time that customer purchases something. 

You earn what is called residual income. Kind of like “royalties” in the music industry. 

Now, back to that message….Re-read that message…Would you gather that “NO INVESTMENT” means no start up cost?

The start up cost is the same as the membership fee for new customers: $29.99. It’s not a lot of money, however, I wish they would have been upfront and had said something like “For the low cost of $29.99 you can work from home….blah, blah, blah”.  They also offer an extended training package for $199.00.

I’m pretty sure “No Investement” means no money up front!

I still want to sell for Melaleuca, and I want you to check it out…If you are interested and have the start up money, there are some amazing and unique opportunities out there.

I have a friend whom works from home, and I am going to try to get her for an interview to check out the pros and cons and ins and outs of a home based party business. 

Do you work for a home based party or direct sales business? I want to hear from you!
             Modern Mommy


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