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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Twig Footwear

twig footwear logo
It has taken me much longer than usual to write this post. 

When I first contacted Twig Footwear, I loved their beautiful shoes. They were pretty and not mass produced. 

What I found was much more than a pair of shoes. I found a company that cares about the quality of the product that it produces, and the image in which they portray.

The word that comes to mind when I think of Twig Footwear is: INTEGRITY.

Ken and his wife started the business a few years ago, after he was released from his job. He was being interviewed about a week later, for a high profile position, when the interviewer (and boss) started to call him one of “her people”.

Ken wanted something different. He wanted to be apart of something that represented his morals and values. His integrity

In order to do that, they had to sell their home. That is a level of dedication seldom seen these days. 

They did so and started a new chapter in their lives. 

One of Ken’s concerns about participating in a review, was that it would be disingenuous (Not candid or sincere) to give a blogger something, in return for a review. 

Most of the time, my reviews are positive, because I specifically contact companies that I know you (the readers) and my family will enjoy and appreciate. Who wants to read about something that doesn’t interest them? That doesn’t mean we don’t come across bad products or people whom represent them….

I once did a review on Bounce U that was quite negative. Loved the good time, did not appreciate spending hundreds of dollars and not getting what I paid for!

This review is all about Twig Footwear. The integrity and quality they stand for and the amazing, qaulity kids shoes they make. (Every shoe is hand made)!

They sent us a lovely pair of Erica girls shoes.  They are a lovely Mary Jane style shoe. They  have the cutest flower embellishment on the strap. They are very fashionable, simple and tasteful. I love how there is not a character just pasted on the side to make it appealing. They are elegant, and perfect all on their own. They don’t need a cartoon to make them unique!
twig footwear erica shoes
The Erica shoes are available in: black, gray or red. The upper is leather, as is the soft liner. They even have a padded footbed, so your kiddo’s feet don’t hurt at the end of the day.

Princess is ecstatic with her new shoes. She absolutely loves them. She is very feminine. Everything must match and she loves to accessorize.

However, she is, like most kids, very active! Her shoes have to live up to the daily twirling, running, jumping and various activities that she does!  Twig shoes are very functional, as well as being fashionable. I hate buying a cheap pair of “cartoon covered” shoes that rip or look ragged after a week of wear. I like that they are very tasteful and sweet. They are shoes that are made for little girls, not a smaller adult version of a shoe!
By the Christmas tree, in her Erica shoes, by Twig Footwear.

Again, I bring your attention to the quality of Twig Footwear. When Princess was playing in her shoes, she scuffed the one toe up. I took a baby wipe to it, and it came RIGHT OFF! I was in awe…I can’t think of too many shoes that I have ever done that to!
Close up!

Another unique aspect of Twig Footwear is the thought and science that is put into every shoe. They’re shoes are made to breathe, to provide the best environment for your kiddo’s foot. It promotes healthy growth. 
Did you know a child’s foot can perspire up to a pint of moisture in a day? I had no idea!
Twig Footwear offers a wide variety of shoes: from dress to casual….From boys and girls…And babies, too!
twig boys dallas
Twig Footwear, "Dallas".

From sneakers to boots!
twig kit bbots
Twig Footwear, "Kit" boots.

  • Versatile
  • Hand made
  • Fashionable, kid friendly and age appropriate designs that get mom’s (and dad’s) seal of approval.
  • Quality, backed by a company (a family) that cares about the customer (they promise that if you call them, you will NOT get an answer menu)! 
  • They are not mass produced or sent to mass retailers. They are sent to “mom and pop” type businesses. They support small businesses!
I’d be lying if I said they were the most affordable shoes in the world. (In this economy, not much is). They run between $50-$80 (USD). (They are the most expensive shoes Princess has ever owned...But, only by .95¢). 

I will also mention, that if you order online, they have a flat rate shipping fee of only $5.00 (USD)!

However, and I say this time and again, I believe that you get what you pay for”! 

Sure, you can run to Wal-Mart and spend $10 bucks on a pair of shoes with you child’s favorite character on them (and to be honest, Princess doesn’t even care that they aren’t her favorite twinkly toed sneakers)….

But, will it they be of the same caliber of quality of Twig Footwear? Not even close! Nor will you get a live person on the phone or an e-mail from a direct owner of the company!  
When I think Twig Footwear, I think: Quality, function, fashionable and Integrity.

Be sure to check out their site, I have it linked several times in this post (in blue, just click it). You can also check them out on Facebook.
                                Modern Mommy


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