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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sporst Illustrated for Kids

I was looking for the perfect gift for my stepson. He just came into his own when it comes to reading, and he discovered that he likes it. However, he is eight..and is at that age where everything has to be "cool". 

He love, loves, loves baseball! It is his favorite sport.

So, I am thinking about getting him SIKids (Sports Illustrated for Kids).
It's chock full of interviews with athletes, pictures, humorous stories and fun activities. All geared towards kids.

Right now, the magazine with a subscription on tablet (included) is only $19.95!  

SI Kids has won several accolades as well, including: Association of Educational Publishers and the Parents' Choice Award.  

How could you say no to a gift that encourages reading?

The website is pretty amazing as well. You can get stats on players and on all the games too!  They have all sorts of games to play, too. I tried playing "Fire Boy/Water Girl....But, it just didn't go so well!

I personally cant wait to surprise my stepson with what I think will be one really cool present that will keep giving the whole year through (no itchy pink bunny suit needed)!
You can get a one year subscription to SIKids here:  SI Kids

                        What is your kids favorite sports team?
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