Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rubba Ducks by Boldt

I love, love, love rubber ducks. My dream bathroom would be covered in rubber ducks.

To be more specific, Rubba Ducks. I think I would even hang this lovely picture!

But, the most thing I would want most in my bathroom would be Rubba Ducks! Lots of them!  My love affair of Rubba Ducks started when I was 15 years old, I received my first Rubba Duck from my cousin, Jimmy. My cousin's bathroom is covered in rubber ducks of all kinds! His name is

"Sitting Duck" my first Rubba Duck.

We received a few Rubba Ducks to review.

They are so unique and fun. They are clever and creative. They bring joy to people and attention wherever we take them!

Dozer and Princess love their Rubba Ducks and love the fact that they always float!

There is no downside to this review, only smiles! They even have their own theme song!

They are so cute and so much fun!

Modern Mommy