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Thursday, June 6, 2013


Did you know that around 800,000 kids are abducted in the US each year? (According to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children).

  • More than 200,000 of those kidnappings are abducted by family/acquaintances.  

  • More than 58,000 are abducted by non-family members. 

  • Only about 115 kidnappings are "stereotypical" kidnappings: children being abducted by non-family, taken more than 50 miles away or held for ransom, held without the intent of return or murdered.  

  • The first 3 Hours are the most critical in finding a missing child. (A 2006 study indicates that, on average, 76.2 percent of abducted kids whom are killed are dead within the first three hours.

These statistics are absolutely terrible! As parents, we feel a keen sense and sadness and helplessness at these statistics. And yet, despite those staggering statistics, there are some things we can do. 

My daughter was almost one of those statistics. She was almost abducted. It is something I will never, ever forget, even on a walk with friends, through a neighborhood is complicated. (I try to give her small freedoms, however, there is always a battle raging in my mind and my heart). What IF it happens again? What IF we're not successful in fending off the abductor? What IF, goes on and on.

To help combat my fears and allow my children a less sheltered life, and to make them feel safer, I use SafetyTat. "The Tat that brings kids back".

SafetyTat is a temporary, non-toxic tattoo that can be printed with your own phone number, allergy information, or even blank, so you can write your own information!

All sorts of information can be included, from phone numbers, medical, Autism information, and even a QR code.

Since we switched phone numbers, it's been a little difficult for Princess to memorize our new number. Since using the SafetyTat, she memorized it in a matter of days! (Bonus of the tat)!

We couldn't be more pleased with the tattoos. They get noticed, the kids notice them and they have a wide variety of applications.  From carnivals, amusement parks, picnics, all sorts of outings and events, you could use them anywhere!

Dozer doesn't like having the tattoo applied, however, once it's on, he really likes the rocket design.

For Dozer, someone could just call us, if he were ever lost. If Princess were lost or taken, she could use the tat to call us.  

They could even be used for churches, or day cares and schools, when they go on field trips.

All in all, a great product, with an even more amazing purpose.

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