Tuesday, July 16, 2013


It has taken me a while to write this review. Between summer fun: swimming, parks, bowling, the zoo and everything else....Blogging has taken a back seat to family fun!

However, I wanted to tell you about the kids and mine's rainy day go to. My kiddo's are big on just about anything educational. Their favorite channels on television are PBS and Sprout.

Princess cyber schooled, and certain websites are apart of her curriculum, including Starfall and HeadSprout/MimioSprout.

On our favorite site, I can safely let them play as much as they want. I know that they are learning and enjoying it! That is a winning combination! ABCmouse combines music, insights from professional educators and so much more, to provide children with a fun learning experience.

ABCmouse is AMAZING! It has different levels, which are customizable to your child's needs, preferences and abilities. You can adjust levels and even customize individual lesson plans for your kiddo! ABCmouse is a subscription website ($7.95 a month). It has 6 levels of learning, with over 350 lessons and around 2,000 activities.

One of Dozer's favorite parts of ABCmouse is his fish tank (as an incentive to complete levels, children earn tickets on different tasks that they complete. With the tickets, they can purchase different items, like a fish tank and accessories).  

His most favorite part is the songs. He loves to hear and sing along with "Wheels on the Bus", "Color Song", "The 'A' Song" and so many more! 

He has been learning non-stop, all summer long! He is building onto the foundation that I have provided. He could already identify 1-10, the alphabet, colors and many nursery rhymes. He is now learning even more, from rhyming to shapes and so very much more!

It is a very enriching program! They even have coloring contests! They have puzzles, games sing alongs and other activities, all designed for your child to get the most of the program.

I can't imagine a better introduction to computers. It is basic enough for the little ones, engaging enough for older kiddos. Both of the kiddos ask just about every day, to go on ABCmouse.com! The site is designed for ages 3-5, with Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten levels.

 (Sometimes, they even want to sit together and play.....Shhh! I don't want them to know that I like it when they get along)!

It is a wonderful site. Very well planned and executed, with hundreds of activities for every preschooler! Nothing replaces parental involvement, but, this is a wonderful accompaniment to whatever you or your daycare/caregiver/school might be doing, as well as an answer to the summer "blahs" and "brain drain"!

My favorite things about the site:

  • Parental Controls: You can adjust the levels, even lessons to your child's tastes and needs.  
  • You can map their progress, making it easier to determine where you child needs to be and how to achieve that goal.  
  • Safe site. It is intended for children and the education of children, they are safe from online predators.
  • The amazing satisfaction that my kids are learning and enjoying it! 
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