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Sunday, January 26, 2014

TOMY The First Years Cars™ Potty

Oh, woe is me! We are in the throes of potty training Dozer.

I should not say woe is me. He's actually pretty easy! (Princess was easier, quicker and younger...around a year and a half). He goes consistently, goes when asked and is now telling me before he has to go.

Woe to any person whom dares to visit or ring us. Because, every so often, at regular intervals, you will be interrupted by our Stoplight Golight, so that Dozer can go potty.

Want to have a continuous conversation with me? Not. Gonna. Happen!

We will be interrupted by random clamors to visit the potty. It is inevitable. You will be annoyed. You may even be amused.

I will however, be happy, ecstatic and proud as a mama peacock! (There may even be random potty pictures, that will inevitably embarrass my son in his teen years!)

Because, my boy will be potty trained!

He is doing great! He likes to go, most of the time. He is also accident free, most of the time! He only wears a pull-up at night.

Hello Pull-Ups™, Good Bye Diapers....Even better, hello Undies!  

We were so excited to try our The First Years Cars™ Racing Potty System. When they say system, they mean it.

This potty is a potty, a step stool and a seat that can be used on your commode (as my Dad calls it) or toilet. It is a very cool and versatile system. It is the first of it's kind that we have used that actually fits on our toilet! Between two children, we have had four potties.

Dozer used to have a Fisher Price Royal potty. He liked it, it was the same kind we had for Princess, except hers was pink. I liked the idea of those potties, because they reward the child when the urinate. When they go, the potty plays music. However, they have little metal sensors on the bottom of the potty, which can and will corrode, no matter how much you clean the potty. First, the potty will go off in the middle of the night (which will scare you out of your wits)!

He also had another cars potty, The First Years Cars 2™ Rev and Go system. We loved this one, and Dozer had a hard time letting go of it, until the new one was delivered. He uses both now, but uses the new one with much more gusto!  (Being only two, he is very indecisive).

Mommy likes the new one much better,The First Years Cars Racing Potty System. I like how compact it is. I love that it fits in my teeny tiny mobile home bathroom. I like that it fits on our toilet. I LOVE how tall the splash guard is. You can tell that it was specifically designed with a little boy in mind! Less pee for Mommy to clean up! Hooray!

The price point was a selling point for me as well. It is only $29.99 (USD). Very reasonable for a potty! (Believe me, there is a potty that costs $700! Crazy)! It's available at Babies R Us, as well as on Babies R US.com!

If you want to know more about the coolest Cars potty around, or want more info some of the really cool products from The First Years, check out the following:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/thefirstyearsbrand
Link to sign up for The First Years newsletter - 

Wish us luck on our potty training journey! If you are in the throes of potty training, I wish you luck as well,
 Modern Mommy


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