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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Throughout time, there have been fads and trends....Furbys™, Tamagutchi Gigapets™, and the all consuming Beanie Babies™...and even Silly Bands™...

Meet the latest, greatest and hottest trend...Fuzz Bandz!

Fuzz Bands are so versatile and are set to become the "Next Big Thing"! You can wear them, use them on your phones, play with them! There is so much you can do with them!

Phone 'em

Wait, there's even more!
Wear 'em  

My mother-in-law came up with a creative way to use her Fuzz Bandz! 
Cane 'em 
Fuzz Bandz are unique in their versatility. You can do a lot with them (I don't think I can stress that enough!) Princess loved them and played all sorts of pretend things with them! (The Hubs and I pretended that they were amoebas.)
I like Fuzz Bandz for their quality as well. They aren't flimsy, which surprised me immediately. They are not like a certain other "band" that has been cheaply imitated.

I do not usually buy things like Fuzz Bandz, but as my children get older, I realize that they like to have the latest and hottest "thing". I think that Fuzz Bandz are a neat and creative item. My daughter loves them, I think a LOT of other kids will too! If you think your kids will like 'em, check out the site: http://fuzzbandz.com/ 


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